2009 Hong Kong convention is still on its way

Today the Japanese Shipowners Association held a web seminar on the 2009 Hong Kong convention for ship recycling. No doubt, that the Convention would play an important role to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly recycling of ships. Unfortunately, the Convention has not yet entered into force. Still, two of three preconditions have to be met:

  • 15 contracting countries of the Convention. This requirement is already achieved. Up to now, 15 states have already ratified the Convention.
  • Contracting countries have to represent at least 40 % of the world‘s tonnage of ships. The rate of 29,5 % has been reached so far. Success is highly dependent on the ratification of the Convention by Liberia (12,5 % of world tonnage) and the Marshall Islands (11,5 % of world tonnage).
  • Contracting countries representing at least 3 % of world ships’ recycling capacity. So far, the rate of 2.5% has been reached. It is highly dependent on the situation in Bangladesh (represents – 1.8%), China (1.5%), and Pakistan (1.1%).

India, which acceded to the Convention in 2019, in 2012, had zero shipyards that complied with the requirements of the Convention. In 2020, 84 approved shipyards are available for the recycling of ships. So India is making great progress. Accordingly, Bangladesh – 2013 does not have any, 2020 – only 1 shipyard is ready. There are no signs that Pakistan and Bangladesh will join the Convention. In fact, the question of the entry into force of the Convention depends on China’s position.