Objectives of the Association are:

  • bringing together ship owners (legal and natural persons) for common economic, social and organisational problems;
  • representing the interests of shipowners and protecting them in state authorities of the country and international organisations, organising assistance in dealing with commercial and legal issues;
  • holding consultations for shipowners and organising the exchange of technical information;
  • collecting and systematising the information useful for shipowners;
  • submitting proposals to state and local government bodies for dealing with the problems of shipowners;
  • cooperating with ministries, departments and agencies in all matters of interest to the members of the association;
  • cooperating with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania on the matters of the issue of licences, professional training of seafarers, qualification upgrade and professional certification, technical maintenance of vessel condition, certification and operation, operation of berths and the port;
  • cooperating with the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, in determining reasonable tariff levels of fees and licenses;
  • cooperating with the Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania in the development of customs tariffs;
  • cooperating with the Ministry of the Interior, the Border Protection Department of the Republic of Lithuania in the development of enforcement rules of cross-border procedures, as well as transmission of information on violations of the maritime border or the marine economic zone of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania in the development of foreign relations;
  • taking care of financials supply of the members of the Association, repair of marine and related equipment, safe work, professional training and advertising issues.Based on bilateral or multilateral agreements, and the preferential terms to help members of the Association on the matters of material supply, product storage, equipment repair, maintenance and operation, and other related issues.

In accordance with the Lithuanian legislation, the Association shall have the right to:

  • management and use of funds and assets owned by it, and keeping them in its disposition;
  • establishment of other legal persons on the basis of the law complying with the requirements for entities of that legal form;
  • establishment of the media;
  • joining into the union of associations (confederation) and withdrawing from it;
  • joining international organizations;
  • purchasing or acquiring property in any other way as well as selling, pleasing, more packaging it or using in any other ways;
  • donating money to charity, health care, culture, science, education, physical culture and sport as well as for the abatement of consequences of natural calamities and emergencies.
  • entering into contracts, assuming commitments, borrowing and lending money only in accordance with regulations and procedures of the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • performing all other activities necessary and enforceable to the Association, and not in contradiction to the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania necessary for the proper functioning of the Association;
  • coordinating the activities of the association members.
  • the Association has the right to provide support and charity, and receive support from natural and legal persons the Republic of Lithuania, natural and legal persons and government entities foreign countries, international organizations in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the Law on Charity And Support of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • the Association shall use money received as sponsorship as well as received money which is not subject to repayment and other assets for the achievement of its purposes unless differently specified.


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